Anonymous just go low when the whistle go


Anonymous right in the feels. Smd Della Caiden Jatlanta!!!!!!

slaying all your ships since birth.


Anonymous so have you and Christine to baths together? cause growing up together an all just MY SHIPPER HEART!!!!! I mean this would top all of your guys otps

we do everything together.


Anonymous you and Christine grew up together right? oh & Lauren

yeah basically, why?


Anonymous I was going to ask u about the bubble bth question but then i started thinking do u and Christy take bubble baths together?? (;

oh my goodness. 

Anonymous i love how you and your friends don't pretend to be selena or whoever they roleplay you guys are yourselfs and idk i just really love that <3

thank you and i just really love messages like this. 


Selena + Bikinis

Then and Now.

Anonymous question number 2?

2. Are you outgoing or shy?

i’m really shy when i first meet you, i am like a turtle but once we start talking and stuff i will loosen up but as soon as i get comfortable enough with you then that’s when it gets real.